Riccardo Venturi
Editorial Director, Co-founder
Riccardo is an Italian editor and communication professional with work experience in media outlets, international organizations, think tanks and multinational companies such as Google. Besides that, he is a shutterbug and a Thursday night amateur football player.
Daniele Angelini
Business Director, Co-founder
Daniele is an Italian economist experienced in finance and business process management. Tireless music fan, he believes that the ‘60s and ‘70s gave us the best music ever played, but that the new millennium still has so much to offer.
Stefania Manservigi
Stefania is an Italian journalist, copywriter and writer. Her greatest passion is writing and telling stories. She loves travelling and exploring the world and new cultures. Currently she works as a journalist on some Italian online media and she is Editor-In-Chief of Italics Magazine.
Virginia DiGaetano
Managing Editor
Virginia used to be an academic, but after a series of questionable life choices she moved to a farm in the middle of Italy to work as a private chef and forage for plants that she hopes are not poisonous. Much to her shock, she likes it here. After an extended hiatus she grudgingly admitted that she loves writing, and politics. Just when she thought she was out, they pulled her back in.
Rosanna Carnovale
Brand Director
Rosanna is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Rome, creative head of the communication studio Re.Brand. She studied Design, Visual and Multimedia Communication in Rome (La Sapienza), Lisbon (IADE) and Genk (Luca School of Arts).
Flavio Artusi
Multimedia Director
Flavio is an Italian videomaker and novelist. His greatest passion is cinema and his IMDB watchlist counts over 2000 movies (TV series excluded). Maybe he's been spending more time watching movies than living on this Earth, but he is convinced that this is the best way to live.
Judith Rubio Garcia
Project Manager
Judith is a tourism economist born and raised in Spain but, after living in Ireland for a while, she's currently based in Italy. Her greatest passion is everything travel-related, so she is always looking for her next destination and taking the opportunity to approach other cultures. Last but not least, she is fluent in 5 languages, which is why she can’t be quiet, not even for a second.
Lina Pezzi
Contributing Editor
Although she writes Pills of Daily Life in Italy, she lives abroad. She focuses on stories from real people, favouring a lightly humorous point of view.
Andrea Angelini
Contributing Editor
Andrea is a freelance writer, experienced in political and trade unions information, as well as sport news. He worked for advertising industry and the public administration. He's currently regional secretary for an italian trade union federation. He loves Italy, photography and dystopian novels. And pizza, of course!
Sophia Rita Jadda
Contributing Editor
Sophia Rita is about to graduate in Foreign Language at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She is dead keen on travels, journalism, photography, art, translation and Model United Nations. She has visited many places all over the world and in the future she’d like to discover new cultures and places. She is specialized in French and American-English.
Asia Guerreschi
Contributing Editor
Asia is a Ph.D. Candidate for Sustainability and Wellbeing focusing on circular economy and decarbonization for production cooperatives at the University of Ferrara, a circular economy advisor, and an environmental advocate. She is a Climate Reality Leader and in 2020 she founded Rethinking Climate a youth-led nonprofit that through research and engagement works to improve environmental communication for climate action.
Chiara Severini
Contributing Editor
Born in 1994, Chiara has always had a passion for art, music, literature and languages. She graduated in Piano at the Fermo Conservatory, and in Languages, Cultures and Literary Tranlsation at the University of Macerata. She is currently studying to be a teacher of Italian as a foreign language. Her dream is to share her culture with and learn by others by traveling and experiencing.
Michele Paolo
Contributing Editor
Michele graduated the Bologna Law School and attended the Sprott Shaw Language College in Vancouver, Canada. He is a curious person and fond of politics and history. Nowadays, he is working as a research fellow at the Bologna Court of Appeal.
Valeria Ferraretto
Contributing Editor
Valeria is an early stage researcher interested in labour market issues, European Union politics and sustainability, with experience in data analysis. She is based in northeastern Italy but lived for some time in Brussels. She loves telling stories, be it with words or photos, especially to describe the most complex and wonderful country of the world. She could not live without a good novel and a cat.
Zachary Vogt
Contributing Editor
Zachary Vogt is an educator living in Richmond, Virginia. He completed his Bachelor's in Italian at the University of Virginia and his Masters in Italian at New York University Florence. The son of an Italian immigrant from Piemonte, he is a passionate fan of gnocchi, De Sica movies, and really anything related to the Bel Paese.
Alessandra Tosi
Contributing Editor
Born and raised in Piedmont, she discovered a new world through her degree in Languages and her Erasmus in England. She then moved to Berlin in 2017, where she focuses on migration and asylum policies. She dreams of changing the world, but is always sleepy.
Timothy Santonastaso
Contributing Editor
Timothy is an aspiring journalist and recent graduate in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at LUISS University, Rome. He specializes in European, British and American politics and international conflict zones. He is a tireless reader, whose interests range from P. G. Wodehouse through Karl Marx to Roger Scruton. Currently, he is mastering the art of the scribbler while observing the steady decline of Western civilization, though without leaving aside the humor.
Matthew Burgos
Contributing Editor
Matthew Burgos doesn’t talk to people. He interviews them then writes their story, peppering the narratives with descriptive words. He’s also a student of Broadcast Journalism, International Relations, and Law, an English tutor, an aspiring journalist, and a die-hard, 90% dark chocolate glutton.
Camilla Valerio
Contributing Editor
Camilla is a Global Studies master's student at the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria, and she holds a bachelor in Communication at the University of Ferrara. She lived between Salerno and Ariano Irpino where she played basketball at a semi-professional level, splitting time between playing and studying, the two things she loves the most. Currently, she resides in Bolzano, her hometown. She is very curious (her very first word was "why?") and can't live without a good book in her bag.
Molly Martin
Contributing Editor
With a background in higher education, hospitality and, of course, all things Italian, Molly’s diverse life experiences lend themselves to her writing. She holds both her BA and MA in Italian Studies, and now helps prepare students to study abroad in Italy themselves. An avid fan of Elena Ferrante and saltimbocca, she looks forward to sharing her passion for Italian culture and life.
Anna Zanetti
Contributing Editor
Anna is a young professional based in Brussels with a strong interest in human rights defence and advocacy, and a background in International Relations. She’s a very curious foodie who aims to try every traditional dish wherever she goes. Her phone gallery is full of pictures of her dog and family, especially her nephews.
Lara Statham
Contributing Editor
Lara Statham works at Università di Torino, Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures. She is also a Career Development Coach, has lived and worked in the UK, Greece, Hungary, Jordan, Egypt & China & loves cycling, the arts & reading popular science & business management books.
Lidija Pisker
Contributing Editor
Lidija is a freelance journalist living between the Balkans and Italy. She likes traveling, live music and socializing with cats and dogs.
Matias Nestore
Contributing Editor
Matías is a researcher and educator. He holds an MPhil in Education and International Development from the University of Cambridge and his experience and work combine research in sociology, politics, and territorial inequalities. He spends his free time finding new running routes in and around Siena and discovering new music.
Margaux Demeyer
Contributing Editor
Margaux is a French public relations professional specializing in traditional and digital media in the capital of Europe. Her main passion is to read newspapers while browsing Twitter with a croissant in hand, when she is not busy living some dolce vita in Rome.
Frances Fahy
Contributing Editor
Born in Galway, Ireland, Frances graduated in English, French and History from Maynooth University. She later settled in Lamezia Terme where she taught English and worked as teacher-trainer. Now retired, Frances dabbles in writing and volunteers as intermediary for non-Italian speakers, especially migrants and refugees, in hospital and courtroom situations. She likes hill walking and promoting her husband’s charming village, Gizzeria, nestling over the Mediterranean at 2000 ft.
Giorgio Cacciaguerra
Contributing Editor
Giorgio studied Business Administration at the University of Bath, which was complemented with a MSc in EU Politics at the LSE. He has experience in policy evaluation for the EU since 2016, working on projects assessing the digitization of public services, new technologies and financial policies. He writes in his spare time and has a passion for Italian politics and wider global or geopolitical issues that affect Italy and its neighborhood.
Mark Medina-Rios
Senior Columnist

Mark is a British born chef who spent most of his career in Michelin starred kitchens in London and New York before deciding to move Italy to work on a farm near Rome. He is now co-Owner of ViaMedina, a private chef and concierge travel consultancy based in Tuscia. He is also the chef in residence at Sergio Mottura, an award-winning winery in Civitella d'Agliano, and the culinary director at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Tuscania. He spends most of his time doing what he loves: experimenting, learning, and talking to people about food.

Noemi Crespo Hellin
Multimedia Officer

Noemi is an Italian-Spanish student. In real life she studies to become an actress, but she lives in her own world. She likes art in any form, writes books and songs, and is still considering whether she should publish her projects.

Charlie Jarvis

Charlie is an English copywriter, editor, and ghostwriter working with publications, academics, and brands across Europe. He lives in Milan but heads for the mountains at every chance he gets.

Sara Belletti
Contributing Editor

Sara graduated cum laude in Languages and she speaks fluently English and German (but she has a thing for the latter). She has lived in Berlin and Vienna, combining her love for the German enterprise with her Italian curiosity. She is currently working for a language service provider in Modena and she will be soon the at European Parliament in Brussels mastering her greatest passion: political communication.

Heloise Wilson
Contributing Editor

Heloise is an actress, writer and filmmaker. Passionate about insightful storytelling, she writes for various publications about entertainment, cinema, TV, feminism, social advances and food.

Ayana Sambuu
Senior Columnist

Ayana is the President of the cultural association New Opera Dimensions and an international famed opera singer who performed in Italy, Mongolia, UK, Spain, Greece, San Marino, France, China and Hong Kong. Born into the family of the Mongolia’s great cinematographer Tseveenii Zandraa, Ayana has been formed as an opera singer under the guide of maestro Paolo Montarsolo.

Tiffany Eastham
Contributing Editor

Tiffany is a fellow globetrotter, writer, and photographer with a love for all things autumn and pumpkin spice. She is an avid cyclist and dedicated cat mom when not on the clock as a healthcare provider. Catch her out in the garden curating her own olive trees or at a nearby cat café planning for her next bucket list destination.

Lorenzo Giacomella
Contributing Editor

Lorenzo is the head of the sustainability research area at AWAREThinkTank and he recently graduated in Green Economics and Sustainability at the University of Ferrara. His passion for writing comes from his willingness to share the meaning of sustainability, to start a debate, share and grow. He loves the colorful sphere on which we live and all its creations.

Ashlinn Romagnoli
Audio Content Specialist