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Our magazine connects partners to an engaged and responsive audience of tens of thousands of readers, subscribers and followers who are strongly interested in all kinds of Italian matters.

Why is Italics Magazine the right fit for your brand?

The ‘Made in Italy’ brand encompasses private sector ventures, businesses, tourism, craftsmanship, fashion, food, products, services, and much more. As the most dynamic and diverse English language publication in Italy, Italics offers advertisers the chance to connect with a discerning audience who look for and understand the value that the ‘Made in Italy’ brand carries with it. If your business is looking to break the language and cultural barriers, Italics is the place to do it.

How can Italics promote your brand?

Italics offers businesses the opportunity to purchase space on the website or to promote their product through branded or sponsored content that will tell your story to an interested and engaged audience. The content that Italics produces is more than a promotional pitch, but is instead aimed at developing an authentic narrative around your company which is then shared through the magazine’s website and social media channels. Therefore, we do offer the following services:

1) Continuative marketing partnership opportunities with discounted packages for regular partners.
2) A price list for specific advertising services like banner placement, advertorials, social media posts/stories, sponsored ads, newslettering, pop-up banners, etc.
3) Digital communications, branding, graphic design and web design services.

Does Italics support partnerships?

By partnering with Italics, companies can expand their reach while also adding to their portfolio of socially responsible actions to support independent, high-quality writing. Italics can produce branded or sponsored content in either article or multimedia format and create long term collaborations that cement the brand identity of a company. Partners reach an international audience of critical thinkers and engaged consumers that trust Italics to maintain consistent standards of quality.

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