“Italics Magazine has become a reference point for foreign readers, professionals, expats, press outlets, and Italians inside and out of Italy who thirst to hear diverse schools of thought on the issues in this complex country. Our editorial sensibility provides first hand analysis, commentary, and interviews that help Italy change for the better.”

— Riccardo Venturi, Italics Magazine Co-Founder and Editorial Director

Italics Magazine

Italics Magazine is an independent, English language online magazine covering everything Italy-related. We produce insight and fact-based analyses of politics, culture, society, and travel, as well as primary source interviews with Italians engaged in all areas of the country.

A New Voice for a Changing Italy

We started Italics Magazine because we knew that there was more to Italy than glamorous headlines. We wanted to explore the unique character of Italians who carry communities on their shoulders every day, whether through victory or crisis. There is something about our way of life and our deep attachment to instinct and feeling: the choices we make and actions we take as a nation are ultimately motivated by this drive.

Italy has so many stories to tell, so many examples of excellence, ingenuity and humanity within its borders. Italics Magazine is dedicated to bringing those stories to life, and to connect these everyday heroes to a global audience. Italy is a vibrant and diverse country whose history is still being written, and our task is to contribute to those chapters.

Our mission is to become the global authority for English language reporting on Italy

Italics was born from two Italians who were frustrated by the lack of a consistent, in-depth English language coverage on Italy. Both had lived abroad and often found themselves forced to explain the dynamics of their country beyond its stereotypes and superificality. Upon returning to Italy, their goal was ambitious: to create a definitive English language publication with original stories, opinions, and analysis on all aspects of Italian society.

They were also convinced that there were gifted writers and reporters in Italy whose voices weren’t being heard, and that Italics could be a platform to nurture and promote emerging talent. Providing high quality insight into a complex and dynamic country is an asset, one that benefits both foreigners and Italians alike.

Italy is more than an ensemble of cliches. Exploring these dimensions with integrity and conviction, through the people who live here by birth or by choice, is a crucial element to drive the country forward.