About us

Italics Magazine

Italics Magazine is an Italian independent online magazine in English based in Rome. The magazine covers everything Italy-related, offering news and opinion about politics, economy, culture and sports.

Italics Magazine’s main goal is to become a reference for readers, professionals and foreign press interested in covering Italian issues thoroughly, appealing to diverse fields of interests and schools of thoughts. We are aware that Italy is lacking a complete, in-depth, across-the-board, neutral source of information in English. Therefore, we realized that we needed an ‘Italy inside-out’ storytelling abroad. This would allow foreign readers who do not speak Dante’s language to receive first hand information and opinion from ‘The Boot’, bypassing the filters of foreign sources. At the same time, another magazine’s purpose is to go beyond the classic outline of a classic newspaper, giving equal importance to every section.

Finally, Italy means also private initiative, successful business, touristic promotion, craftsmanship, fashion, products and services. All this can be summarized in the universal expression ‘Made in Italy’. Italics Magazine will then allow realities of excellence from all sectors, willing to let their expertise, tradition and quality be known and exported, to have their space on the website and therefore their potential fulfilled worldwide, helping them to work as ‘Brand Italy’.