Airport Hotels on a Budget in Italy: 6 Strategies to Save Money in 2023

Here are some tips to ensure you select a profitable deal for airport hotels.

Airport hotels view from the plane
Take off from Fiumicino Airport, Rome. Photo: Angela Compagnone on Unsplash.

Travelling on a budget in Italy often requires taking flights at inconvenient hours or enduring long layovers. Sometimes, especially for last-minute bookings, the cost of a flight and a potential overnight stay in a hotel may still be more reasonable than selecting a flight during peak hours. However, choosing an airport hotel can be a debatable solution for many people, as falling for a low room price without checking other factors can result in financial damage. Here are some tips to ensure you select a profitable deal:

  1. Price Comparison

Market research is an inextricable process when referring to any kind of purchase or booking service. Regardless of the time left until your boarding, choosing your accommodation blindly, is definitely not a wise man’s move. Replace spending hours on your computer and increasing your stress level, by preferring an optimised research on, that will directly provide you with all the necessary information and details on airport hotels, making the comparison process easier than ever!

  1. Early booking

As happens with airplane tickets, last minute booking (especially after repeatedly prolong online research), is often equal to higher rates and less flexible and favourable terms. Since you saved so much time in picking the hotel of your preference, why waste it and not make your reservation directly?

  1. Contact the hotel

In person communication and negotiation has been in many cases proved to be accompanied by successful deals closer to your own needs. In the tourism industry, the success rate of this tip, is highly related to the destination country. Contact the hotel and ask for the best price possible, when skipping the mediator. Worst case scenario is that the manager/owner will not provide a more competitive offer than the one found online.

  1. Promo Codes & Rewards

A reward (discount, free service, a free meal, etc) can be result of cumulative points to your credit card or due to hotel’s loyalty program. If none of the above can be met, you can still search for promo codes on the hotel’s website or third-party booking sites.

  1. Exclusive Package Offers

Carefully examine the travelling requirements created by external factors such as the purpose of your trip or the flight hours, and adjust your booking to your specific needs, including any possible amenities. By selecting a pre-designed package offer, you are able to achieve a much more profitable deal than booking your staying and other amenities separately. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you can offer yourself with a little treat, for a ridiculous price.

  1. Hotel-Chains

While you may be more familiar with cozy Airbnbs, value for money accommodation near the airport can be challenging. Consider compromising with a convenient stay in one of the most popular airport hotel chains in Italy and spice up your experience with their provided services.