Press Release – MINISO #MysteryDiamondHunt: Real Diamonds to be Won in MINISO’s Blind Boxes

Global lifestyle retailer MINISO offers customers in over 20 countries – including Italy – the chance to win real diamonds and crystals.

Discover the unknown, join the #MysteryDiamondHunt with MINISO Blind Boxes. Photo courtesy of Miniso.

In early April, global lifestyle retailer MINISO unveiled its exciting #MysteryDiamondHunt, offering customers in over 20 countries and regions – including Italy – the chance to win real diamonds and crystals. In purchasing a #MysteryDiamondHunt blind box from one of the brand’s many stores worldwide, six lucky winners will win genuine GIA-certified diamonds, with hundreds of thousands of exquisite Austrian crystals also up for grabs. All of the precious stones are set on MINISO limited edition MINI Family figurines, bringing the brand’s unique spirit of fun to global consumers.

Discover the unknown, join the #MysteryDiamondHunt with MINISO Blind Boxes. Photo courtesy of MINISO.

Starting from April 21, anyone who purchases a blind box from selected MINISO stores will receive a ticket to enter the #MysteryDiamondHunt online lucky draw (for more information about participating stores, please follow MINISO Italy’s official Instagram account @minisoitaly). Customers need not wait long to find out their fate. Upon following the instructions on the ticket to participate in the online draw, they will receive an immediate notification of their winning results and can choose to receive the prize through shipment or pick it up at a MINISO store.

Security guards escorting diamonds to a MINISO store. Photo courtesy of MINISO.

“MINISO is committed to creating exceptional experiences that bring joy and happiness to our customers. With the #MysteryDiamondHunt campaign, our goal is to provide customers with an unparalleled sense of anticipation and excitement, emotions which are also at the core of our blind box collections.” Said MINISO CMO Robin Liu, “We believe that this campaign is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our well-designed blind box products, attracting more people to try them out for the first time. That’s why we’ve also decorated our blind box zones in stores specially for the diamond hunt.” Bringing its signature vibrant and fun energy, MINISO’s efforts are intended to create an immersive and enjoyable diamond hunt journey for customers.

MINISO’s Blind Box Zone for the #MysteryDiamondHunt ready to welcome customers. Photo courtesy of MINISO.

Blind boxes have gained immense popularity globally, especially among the younger generation, with Millennials and Gen Z consumers showing a keen interest in collecting them. These boxes offer a unique unboxing experience, where the element of surprise is a major draw. MINISO has capitalized on this trend with their exclusive blind box offerings, resulting in an impressive 110% YoY increase in overseas sales of the brand’s blind boxes in 2022. The brand’s latest offerings, such as the Sanrio Characters blind box, Disney Collection blind box, and the ever-popular MINI Family special edition blind box, have also been met with great enthusiasm and are highly popular among global consumers. As a global lifestyle brand, MINISO aims to introduce the fun of blind boxes to global consumers and encourage people from all around the world to discover the joy of collecting them.

MINI Family Limited Edition Blind Box with one of six diamonds up for grabs. Photo courtesy of MINISO.

MINISO’s #MysteryDiamondHunt is not just a game of luck, but also an amazing opportunity to discover precious gems that add sparkle to everyday lives. Embracing the thrill of unboxing real diamonds and crystals is sure to bring unforgettable MINISO memories to users all around the world!


MINISO Group is a global lifestyle retailer offering a variety of design-led lifestyle products. The Company serves consumers primarily through its large network of MINISO stores, and promotes a relaxing, treasure-hunting and engaging shopping experience full of delightful surprises that appeals to all demographics. Aesthetically pleasing design, quality and affordability are at the core of every product in MINISO’s wide product portfolio, and the Company continually and frequently rolls out products with these qualities. Since the opening of its first store in China in 2013, the Company has built its flagship brand “MINISO” as a globally recognized retail brand and established a massive store network worldwide.