Top Tips for Travelling to Africa from Italy

If you’ve ever fancied holidaying in sunny Africa, read our blog for top travel tips on making the journey, whether you’re flying solo or going with family.

Landscape with rhinos in Africa
Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park, South Africa. Photo: Matthias Mullie on Unsplash.

Africa is a continent that is rich in culture, food, and history. If you’ve ever fancied making a trip over from Italy, you might be wondering how to plan your dream trip.

Here are some essential tips and tricks for a smooth trip, so you can travel without worrying about your budget or time management.

1.     Organise Your Travel Early

Planning your travel methods early can have multiple benefits. Not only can you often secure cheaper prices and greater availability, but sorting your travel arrangements will also often help you to organise the rest of your itinerary for your trip too.

The most convenient way to travel to Africa from Italy is via plane, so using price comparison sites like Skyscanner can help you find the best deal for the dates you need. Their easy to navigate format is fantastic for all travellers, whether you’re a beginner at globetrotting or an experienced traveller.

2.     Take Out Travel Insurance!

Travel insurance is extremely important, even for the seasoned traveller. Anything can happen when you’re travelling, whether that’s food poisoning or broken bones, so ensuring you’re fully prepared for any possibility is wise.

Most travel insurance is fairly cheap, so ensuring you’re covered by obtaining the relevant vaccinations and documents from your doctor is also advisable so you can make the most of your getaway without sweating the small stuff.

3.     Plan Your Activities

Sorting out your itinerary is essential for helping you to figure out your holiday’s budget, and can also help you with other activities like packing.

If you’re looking to give back, then consider an animal volunteer programme. These types of trips are ideal for those you’re travelling to Africa for an extended period of time, so why not volunteer to care for some of the world’s most endangered animals?

Programmes like Conservation Travel Africa are an organisation dedicated to preserving the existence of rhinos, marine wildlife, and elephants to name just a few.

By volunteering with their programmes, you can contribute towards the preservation of some of the world’s most beautiful animals, and gain valuable work experience along the way.

4.     Have a Back Up Plan

In an era where strikes and travel delays are rife, it’s always wise to have a back up plan in case of plans going awry.

You might want to designate a portion of your budget for emergency expenses, or pack emergency supplies like power banks, cash, or extra clothes just in case you run into difficulty on your travels.

You could also buy a money belt to help you keep any emergency money safe from theft or loss. Online retailers like Amazon have a large selection of money belts to help you find the safest money storage solution for you.

Do you have any tips for travelling from Italy to Africa? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!