Meet the Top Best Reasons to Study in Italy

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Italy while pursuing your dream education in renowned colleges and universities. Discover the way the higher education system of Italy is represented and explore a country filled with charming attractions.

Study in Italy LUISS University Rome
The gates of LUISS University in Rome. Carlo Dani, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Study In Italy? Here’s Why!

Just imagine learning architecture or art in some reputed Italian college or university. Whether pursuing private or public education in Milan, Florence, Rome, or any other city, you get a unique chance to see for yourself what the cradle of the Renaissance is. Various scholarships, academic programs, international exchanges, and famous and trusted colleges and universities make education in Italy one of the top best academic goals many students put on their lists all over the globe. You are welcome to enroll for a semester or the whole year based on the course you are studying. If you wonder whether studying in italy worth it all, ensure to read what we have to say below.

Experience the Stunning Culture of Italy

Every student knows that Italy has influenced world culture with some of the most gorgeous architecture, collections of art, music, and cuisine. An immense study abroad experience in the country of pizza helps students develop an expanded cultural appreciation and unique world perspective. Whether it’s free education in Italy for international students in Rome or a private education that you’ve been dreaming about, you’re free to experience Italian culture that has no limits.

Loads of Academic Programs to Choose from

If you wonder where to study – paid colleges or universities to get free education in Italy – there are plenty of options to select from. Considering the historical sites, food, scenery, and museums, Italian study programs are some of the most popular in the world. There are many programs to apply for and disciplines to master! Visual art, language, design, creative writing, fashion – these are just some of the excellent fields to dive into.

Top-Quality Education

Students living in other countries choose to study in Italy because of the high-quality education system offered in the country. Tons of application letters reach higher educational institutions these days, including the well-known University of Bologna. The oldest university in the globe has been the so-called hub for science, art, and quality higher education for more than a century.

Learn the Italian Language in an Immersive Environment

Even students that aren’t language majors can learn Italian in the largest cities in Italy. After all, knowing a foreign language is a great opportunity to communicate with people when you travel abroad. Besides, knowing the other language is the minimum that you can put on your future resume. It can also make students more competitive within the job market, meeting the requirements in the niches like tourism, foreign relations, marketing, etc. Finally, learning a foreign language is perfect training for your brain. You will also get to enjoy authentic Italian life when pursuing an education in Italy.

Oh, Mamma Mia, the Cuisine!

It doesn’t matter what cities you choose to study; pursuing the most popular degree programs in Italy means having a unique chance to discover new foods. In this country, you can easily broaden your palate and see for yourself what a well-known Italian cuisine actually is. The first step is to shop at the local markets. That’s where you will research all local delicacies and treat yourself to the food you’ve seen on TV only. After all, everyone must try that gelato!

The Country Is Pocket-Friendly to Travel In

Most study programs tend to include the expenses of housing. If not, the costs of living in Italy for international students can be significantly recused if you choose to live in a homestay outside the largest cities. Thus, you will be able to take the train to the chosen school.

Top-Rated Schools

Italy is renowned for its vibrant culture and perfect alma maters, making it a fantastic destination for international students looking to pursue their higher education.

Welcome to the Capital

As the capital of Italy, the city provides a captivating blend of ancient history and modern living. With its numerous historical landmarks, art, and cuisine masterpieces, it offers inspiring paid and free education in Italy. You are welcome to pursue higher education at Sapienza University of Rome which is one of the largest and oldest universities in Europe. LUISS Guido Carli is at your service as well! A high-status university specializes in management studies, finance, economics, and law.

Time for Milan!

Well-known for design and fashion, this city is a dynamic and vibrant place for students on the lookout for business opportunities and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Politecnico di Milano is a great example of a leading technical university mainly specialized in the niches like engineering, architecture, and design programs.

Opt for Bologna

If you’d like to seek scholarships free education in Italy can provide, it is recommended to go to Bologna – a gorgeous place with perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest university in continuous operation, providing students with a wide range of programs.

How About Turin?

An industrial city with a rich history is popular among young people passionate about engineering and tech. The Polytechnic University of Turin is a leading technical university with a solid focus on architecture, engineering, and applied sciences.

Live in the Oasis of Caffeine

If you’re a huge fan of coffee now, Italy is about to become your personal caffeine mecca. Even if you have a vast experience as a coffee drinker, be ready to learn the new language of coffee. Espresso is known as the number one classy Italian beverage. College and university students in Italy can’t even imagine their morning starting without a good espresso shot!

Ideal Night Life

In contrast to other countries in southern Europe, the nightlife in Italy is just amazing! In general, Italian life starts and ends in the evening. If you decide to go for a walk at 10 pm, especially during the summer-fall period, you’ll surely be in the perfect company of people hanging out and enjoying la bella vita. The closing time of most shops is 8:30 pm, which is also nice if you’re a fan of unexpected shopping.

Variety of English-Taught Degrees

In the pasta-land, you can find the most suitable study programs in any niche you can imagine, from Computer Science to Arts. Many academic programs are taught in the English language. Students from other countries are welcome to browse popular study programs available in Italy and pursue their degrees in a beautiful and welcoming country. Besides, various services dealing with do my essays requests are also at your service whenever you need help.

Meet Your Soulmate!

Let’s face it, Italy is one of the most romantic places on earth. After all, the most well-known works written by William Shakespeare were focused on Italy. The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, a picturesque Italian city. But let us leave all tragedies behind and focus more on the love that lives. Chances are you will meet your soulmate somewhere in the crowded streets of Rome or Pisa! And let’s not forget about how romantic their language actually is. Italian boys and girls will be happy to assist you on your way to mastering Italian, which may become a perfect start for a lifelong friendship (or maybe something more grandiose!).

In addition to everything mentioned above, the country is filled with stunning and charming attractions that will make you feel like you are dreaming with your eyes wide open. From pursuing your education to finding your soulmate, Italy is 100% going to be an unforgettable experience!