Learn Italian At Your Own Pace With Davide Delgrossi

Registration closes on Sunday 17 July at 9.00 PM EST (New York) time.

Learn Italian with Davide
Italian teacher Davide Delgrossi.

Learn Italian At Your Own Pace With Davide Delgrossi.

Have you always dreamed of learning Italian? You can now rely on Davide Delgrossi, a professional Italian teacher who will follow you step by step throughout his extensive courses!

About Davide’s courses

Learn at your own pace: Davide’s courses are video courses. Once you sign up, you will get access to a series of lessons, exercises, and additional materials that you can watch at your own pace, according to your own free time. There are no ‘live classes’, so you won’t have any stress and commitment of joining regular sessions. Davide’s courses give you the flexibility and the freedom to learn Italian whenever and wherever you want.

Follow a specific learning path: The videos follow a specific structure and a clear order. A precise learning path brings you to point A to point B, giving you a sense of daily progress. Everything is organized and sequential, you have all materials in one place and the only thing that you need to do is to start!

Content tailored on English speakers: Davide speaks English fluently and his courses are structured for English-speaking students.

Extensive courses: The beginner course is 18 hours long and includes more than 125 videos and 900+ exercises. The intermediate course includes 9.5 hours of content, 80+ videos, and 500+ exercises.

Whatsapp support: In case you have any questions, you can directly reach out to Davide on WhatsApp. He will answer within 24 hours.

Private community: Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to a private group on the Telegram app where you can interact and practice with other students. It’s a great way to share your progress with other people and it helps to remain motivated as you will meet like-minded people who want to learn Italian. You will never feel alone, becoming part of our community.

Unlimited access: A 297$ one-off fee will grant you access to the whole course forever and without any other limit.

30 days money-back guarantee: There is no risk at all at signing up. If you are not satisfied with the courses, Davide will pay you back no question asked.


“I have been speaking only English for all my life, so I was concerned about being able to learn Italian as these languages are quite different. However, Davide’s course kept me motivated and constantly gave me a sense of progress. The course is very well structured and provides you with all the basics of Italian. Also, Davide is very charismatic and energetic, and that helps a lot.” — Laura

“If you are looking to learn just a few words in Italian, this course is not for you. Davide goes into detail and explains how the sentences in Italian are structured, combining vocabulary lessons with grammar and Italian culture. I also found the exercises super useful. If you want to learn Italian you should try Davide’s course.” — Bella

“I am from New York, my girlfriend is Italian-American and she speaks Italian fluently. I wanted to talk to her and her family in Italian, and Davide’s course helped me a lot. It’s great that the course starts from the basics since I did not know any Italian before starting the course. Grazie, Davide!” — Alex

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BEGINNER COURSE: this level is tailored on absolute and advanced beginners. You will find more than 125 videos and almost 1,000 exercises that will help you build very good foundations of your language skills.

INTERMEDIATE COURSE: this course is made for those who already have basic knowledge of Italian and would like to go to the next level. You shall have already followed one or more Italian courses to fully appreciate its content.

ADVANCED COURSE: This course is made for those who are already very confident with their Italian skills. In this course you will make that final step towards mastering the language.

Registration closes on Sunday 17 July at 9.00 PM EST (New York) time.

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