The Secrets of Da Vinci Museum in Florence

Today you can visit the Da Vinci Museum in Florence with us, and we can find out together what secrets lay under this magical place.

Da Vinci Museum Florence
Da Vinci Museum, Florence. Photo: Sailko, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Today, you can visit the Da Vinci Museum in Florence with us, and we can find out together what secrets lay under this magical place. But till then, let’s take a little sneak peek into the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

A little About Leonardo Da Vinci

Best known as an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci was a true Renaissance man due to his work as a scientist and inventor. Even though he’s renowned for his expressive artwork, Leonardo also conducted many well-thought-out experiments and produced revolutionary inventions for his time. He inspires by applying the scientific method to all aspects of life, including art and music.

His sharp observation and quick thinking enabled him to make significant scientific discoveries but refrained from publishing his ideas. He also served as a military engineer, developing advanced and lethal weapons. He was among the most accomplished painters of the Italian Renaissance, yet he completed only a few paintings.

In Florence, the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, located on Via dei Servi, 66r, offers a glimpse into some of Leonardo’s fascinating studies through the reconstructions of his ‘machines.’ During your visit, you’ll be amazed to discover all these machines coming to life from his notebooks, even though you may already know much about Da Vinci. Seeing these numerous extraordinarily intriguing machines is astonishing because they were imagined more than 500 years ago.

The 5 Divisions of the Museum

The Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci presents a display dedicated to the exceptional talent of Da Vinci. The museum offers a distinctive encounter to every visitor, uniting sensory perception and knowledge of ‘Leonardo’ to provide the sensation of being immersed in a history of extraordinary significance.

The museum is divided into five sections, where the machine’s interactivity plays a key role. These divisions are:


There are several interactive machines, including an oil press, printing machines, a revolving crane, an odometer, a rolling mill, an automation, a fantastic animal, and a theatrical machine. Seeing and interacting with all these machines makes visiting the museum more special.


The Atlantic Codex inspired the development of artillery machines, including mortar fire and machine guns. This section also features a fully interactive armored tank that is unique in its size.


You’ll see the hydraulic saw, Archimedean screw, webbed glove, and water floats in this division. These are examples of machines inspired by water that remain modern and in use today.


This section features various inventions by Da Vinci, including the ornithopters, parachutes, anemometer, wing trials, comedy birds, and hygrometer.


The machines in this exhibit demonstrate several principles from Leonardo’s codices, including locking systems, worm screws, motion transformation, eccentric cams, ball bearings, and more.

The Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence isn’t only a point of reference for visitors seeking education and a complete cognitive tool, as it contains actual machine designs drawn by Leonardo himself.

The WMA Worldwide Museum Activities staff has executed impressive and unusual work with great attention to detail. They’ve created real machines that are fully functional, large, and made of unique materials. These machines, which can hardly be described as mere ‘models,’ are constructed entirely of wood, and their creation required the use of sophisticated technology as well as particular human skills.

Curious to Visit?

When you hear the name ‘Leonardo Da Vinci,’ what first comes to mind? If it’s the Mona Lisa, you may be surprised to discover the extent of his inventive and curious mind. If you want to gain insights into his visionary work in physics, engineering, and nature, we suggest visiting this must-see museum in Florence, where you can explore some of his incredible machines from centuries ago.

A little bookshop is a way to enter the museum, which offers a variety of books and guides about Leonardo Da Vinci and other subjects. The bookshop has many exciting gift ideas and souvenirs from the museum, such as miniature models of Leonardo’s machines that you can build yourself. With so many options available, you’ll find distinctive and exclusive gifts for your family, friends, or yourself.