Italian Travel Experience: Everything You Need To Prepare For Italy!

Registration closes on Monday, February 21st at 5 PM EST.

Italian Travel Experience Margherita Berti
Italian Travel Experience's Margherita Berti. Photo courtesy of Margherita Berti.

Margherita Berti (Ph.D., Applied Linguistics) is a trained Italian language teacher who has helped hundreds of students learn the Italian language and discover the Italian culture!

Italian Travel Experience is the only workshop of its kind that not only focuses on efficient communication and idiomatic knowledge of everyday Italian, but also teaches you the practical tips, cultural dos and don’ts to successfully navigate Italy.

About the workshop

If you’re traveling to Italy this year and you desire to truly immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture, while also having fun, then this workshop is for you!

Italian Travel Experience is packed with content and invaluable advice from a native Italian speaker.

This is NOT a “dump all the information on you and wish you all the best” type of program. This learning experience is intentionally designed for you through easy-to-understand materials and extensive support. This workshop is only offered twice per year.

What’s included?

2-hour live training

  • Situation-based live workshop with Margherita covering the traveling, living, and discovering of Italy
  • Printable guides, packed with essential phrases, to take with you on your Italian trip
  • A Q&A session to answer your burning questions

Bonus materials

  • Audio files to listen to the pronunciation and practice Italian words and phrases
  • Done-for-you flashcards to study and review Italian phrases
  • Auto-graded quizzes to test what you learned (unlimited attempts)

Exclusive member-only community

  • A highly-supportive private community run by Margherita, including only people that have enrolled in the workshop at this time. This means that it’s a group of like-minded travelers wanting to use the Italian language on their trip to Italy, just like you! Access to the private member-only community is available for 3 months (until May 31st, 2022).

Lifetime access to the workshop recording and bonus materials

  • You’ll have unlimited access to the workshop recording and materials. You can review everything anytime, anywhere, as much as you want!

What Margherita’s students say…

“Margherita is extremely positive, enthusiastic and caring toward her students. She always answers all the questions and makes sure that the lessons are clear and understood.”

“Margherita is so helpful and supportive during the entire course. She’s my favorite teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so much from her and I’m looking forward to using the speaking skills I developed.”

“Her teaching approach is very interesting: the perfect combination of language and culture. Italian can be challenging at times, but Margherita has so many helpful strategies and resources!”.