Jobs For Italian-Speaking Candidates on Jooble

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Jooble is a job search website founded in 2006 and is used by millions daily. The website contains both freelance, contract, and permanent jobs. It also consists of jobs in different countries, so you can rest assured that you will find a job that suits you. It is a great site that saves you time by allowing you to collect thousands of job postings with a single search.

However, there are many jobs on Jooble you can apply for if you speak Italian. All you have to do is filter your search by using the keyword related to your desired niche; before you know it, you’ve landed a job.

To make life easier, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to collate some jobs for Italian speaking candidates on Jooble. We will also examine some jobs for people willing to migrate to Italy. Let’s delve right into it.

Jobs for Italian Speakers on Jooble

There are over 60,000 jobs for Italian speakers on Jooble. Whether you are in Italy or not, there is a job for you. You also do not need much education or experience to do some of these jobs. Most of these jobs pay well, and some don’t even require much to get them.

Below are the jobs you can do on Jooble as an Italian-speaking candidate:

1. Nanny

One of the available jobs on Jooble for Italian speakers living outside of Italy is a nanny job. Most Italian immigrants in other countries prefer Italian-speaking nannies for their children so they can learn the language easily. It’s also worth noting that some of these nanny jobs involve traveling, so you should be prepared.

2. Online Tutor

One of the most popular jobs for Italian speakers on Jooble is tutoring. There are many tutoring vacancies for people of different ages. Also, most of these jobs do not require you to have a degree, as they prefer a native speaker of the language. However, having a degree can give you better opportunities. The salary for tutoring jobs ranges from $5 to $50 per hour.

3. Translator

Another job that is popular for Italian speakers on Jooble is translation. This involves translating from Italian to other Languages and vice-versa. This will require you to understand Italian and the other necessary language.

4. Transcriber

Apart from translation, there are also jobs for transcribers on Jooble. These jobs involve transcribing Italian audio to text in Italian. Native speakers are preferred for these jobs. Also, keen listening and proficiency in writing the language are essential skills for the job.

5. Proofreader

There are also a couple of Italian-speaking proofreading jobs on Jooble. These jobs involve proofreading texts that have already been typed. A good knowledge of Italian grammar and spelling is needed to do the job. Also, you need a keen eye to observe the mistakes.

6. Teacher

Another Italian-speaking job that you can get without being in Italy is teaching. Being a teacher requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree at least. You should also be certified as a teacher. Some schools offer Italian as a course, and this might generate a job for you.

7. Italian Voice Recorder

Another job that is available for Italian speakers on Jooble is recording. This entails recording the audio of a script that is provided. Native speakers are preferred for this job, and your pronunciation and reading ability must be top-notch.

Jobs You Can Do On Jooble If You Are in Italy

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Working in Italy usually requires that you understand the language. This is because most Italians don’t speak English but only speak their language. However, Italy can be an excellent place to work if you already understand Italian.

Whether you are already in Italy or planning to move, Jooble can help you get a great job. Here are some job vacancies in Italy currently available on Jooble:

1. Nanny

One of the most popular jobs in Italy is a nanny job. The nanny is usually responsible for the general well-being of the child. The duties may include school drop-off and pick-up, helping with assignments, watching the child, making sure the child eats, etc. The nannies’ salary is competitive, and you can get between $2,000 – $4,500.

2. House Keeper

Another popular job in Italy is working as a housekeeper. This involves taking care of the home and cooking. Experience in similar roles is usually considered to land this job. Some housekeeper posts require extra input, like understanding another language.

3. Teacher

Another job that is available in Italy is teaching. There are jobs for English Language teachers and other subjects. Therefore, if you are a qualified teacher and want to migrate to Italy, navigate to Jooble to explore the myriad of available job opportunities.


There are thousands of jobs for Italian speakers on Jooble. Although native speakers are preferred for most of these jobs, there are also opportunities for you who speak it as a second language. The four language skills— reading, listening, speaking, and writing, are essential to do these jobs. Check out the jobs listed above to find the one that suits you and start applying right away.