How Did the Italians Celebrate the Euro Cup Win This Year?

There were fireworks all over the country as everyone broke into songs, music was played from stereos and the fans back home cheered from far away

The pall that had descended on to Italy during the first ever wave of the Covid-19 pandemic left devastation in its wake. The entire world watched as people succumbed to the virus, one after another, with rows and rows of black coffins laid out for burial, one after another. It was a time of great distress and extreme sorrow, in which the whole world joined in, as prayers started to pour in for Italy. The videos of Italians playing music from their balconies to cheer themselves up went viral and they gave hope to the entire world back when things were looking bleaker than ever before. 

Then, in 2021, when things had slowly started rolling towards normal, there was a massive news story that created joy and delight in the hearts of all Italians, especially those who love sports and are football enthusiasts to boot. Italy had reached the finals of the Euro Cup 2020, and would go for the showdown with England. Italians all over the world prayed with their heart and souls for the trophy to come home. The football match started off with a jubilant streak from England, who scored their first goal very early on in the game. But, as the game progressed, Italy started to bounce back. With a great defence and an amazing goalkeeper who saved Italy from being gutted by several penalty kicks, Italy finally won the game, creating history by winning the Euro Cup 2020, dimming England’s hopes by scores.  All the details about the Euro Cup 2020 and other worldwide sporting events can be found on the sports-analytical portal

With Italy’s win being solidified, hundreds of sports loving Italians poured out onto the streets of Italy, celebrating football, getting over all the heartbreak of not qualifying for the Finals in the Euro Cup 2016 and also most definitely celebrating life, joy and hope. There were fireworks all over the country as everyone broke into songs, music was played from stereos and the fans back home cheered from far away as the Italian flags waved and the national flag was hoisted in the Wembley Stadium where the final was being held. 

Some fans called the win incredible and praised the Italian coach, Roberto Mancini for leading Italy to one of its major victories in the world of the Euro Cup since 1968. After the disappointment of not qualifying in the Euro Cup in 2018 in Russia, this win has been water poured down thirsty Italian throats. 

The President, Sergio Mattarella honored the Italian footballers in how spectacularly they had represented the country abroad. When the final penalty was saved by the astounding Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, cars beeped their horns in Naples to celebrate the victory. 

Jesi, the hometown of coach Mancini, was one of the first places in Italy to get all decked up to celebrate the amazing victory over England. 

After the economic recession and the death and gloom that the Covid-19 pandemic spread all over Italy, the Euro Cup 2020 win over England has been a balm to all the sore Italian hearts. The Azzurri have brought the trophy home and along with it HOPE!