Tourism As a Broad and Major Industry in the Modern Age

Since tourism products come in different forms, it is vital to understand the characteristics

Tourism products refer to any material that provides satisfaction to a tourist. Hence, tourism is no fun without some medium. It could be intangible or tangible; as long as it gives a sense of satisfaction, it is a tourism product.

The personnel responsible for selling travel products are known as travel vendors. Sometimes, they can be sport related, and other times, food services. However, all these are interlocked, making the tourism industry a significant sector. 

Since tourism products come in different forms, it is vital to understand the characteristics. Together with Liontips, we have compiled a list of characteristics that any travel product should have. A tourist product should have a minimum of three features that are mentioned below. Nevertheless, most  tourist products consist of all the features.

1. Tourism Is an Intangible Experience

No matter how great your tourism experience is, you can only feel it and not touch it. That is, it is non-responsive to the physical touch, and neither can you see it. However, each tourism facility has a designed role that serves for a specific period.

2. Meets Psychological Need

Is tourism a great deal? Definitely. However, is it a necessity? No. Tourism does not meet basic needs but psychological needs. The feeling of achievement or finally visiting a dream land or place is, however, worthwhile. Research shows that being in a new environment relaxes the mind, and it is an excellent experience for many. 

3. Tourist Products are Perishable

Tourist products like hotels may be nonperishable, but they are useless without regular visitors. More so, the employees that earn a living through this product will work without making a penny. On the other hand, products like foods are highly perishable. It cannot be stored for future purposes. 

A location that receives no tourists will experience a constant shortage of food.

4. Tourism Products Vary

As mentioned earlier, tourism products are vast. You should bear in mind that there is no standalone product. While visiting a particular place, you will realize that several entities come together to yield the desired satisfaction. Hence, a single enterprise cannot provide the right solution. 

5. Subject to Change in Demand

Climate, political conflicts and personal preferences are significant factors responsible for unstable demand in tourism. Some seasons have higher needs than other seasons. For instance, the summer primarily receives more visitors than the winter because there is a break in most educational sectors. Services like hotel bookings become tight such that one would need to make enquiries way ahead.


An added benefit of tourism is that it provides a sense of involvement for tourists, even while visiting a strange land. Business owners have realized the importance of tourism today while the competition keeps getting tighter. It forms a bond between different individuals and creates a common goal among them. As a business person, ensure to provide optimum satisfaction as much as possible. More so, please focus on the trending subjects and incorporate them into the travel industry. By doing so, you can attract a large number of customers.