Exploring the regions of Italy

Even when you remove Venice, Verona and Rome from the list of places to see you’re still spoilt for choice.

Abundant in history, culture, fine weather, great food, sun-drenched beaches and alpine summits, few countries can boast the variety of splendour found in Italy. Even when you remove Venice, Verona and Rome from the list of places to see you’re still spoilt for choice. Here are five regions for you to explore on your next trip…


In the north-western corner of the country, this mountainous region is home to the elegant city of Turin, with its tree-lined boulevards and classy cafes. You’ll also find the wine-mecca that is Barolo, which is a lovely hilltop town. And for the finest dark chocolate and white truffles, head to the city of Alba – a particular draw in autumn with its annual truffle fair.

The Lakes

An astonishingly scenic region where the water from the glaciated pools reflects the shapely alpine summits beyond. None are more wonderful than Lake Como, with its gorgeous lakefront villages. Don’t miss Bellagio – a beautiful town with some seriously stunning villas overlooking the lake. To experience the area as a whole, take a cycling holiday around Lake Como, taking in the breathtaking scenery at a slower pace, stopping off at beautiful Italian restaurants along the way.

Lake Garda is the country’s largest lake and is popular for watersports. And this region is also home to the city of Milan – a large metropolitan city with stylish streets and an astonishing cathedral.


Known for its wine, art and idyllic landscapes, the main attraction here is Florence – home to an abundance of world-renowned art and architecture. Then there’s Lucca – a day trip from Florence – which is a handsome place with Renaissance walls.

San Miniato is the place to hunt and eat the famous Tuber magnatum pico (white truffle), while Chianti attracts lovers of red wine. Everyone knows what Pisa is famous for, but it also has a vibrant bar and cafe scene thanks to its historic and prestigious university.

Emilia Romagna

Home to Ferrari, Ducati, Maserati and Lamborghini, to say Emilia Romagna has a strong motoring heritage would be an understatement. But there’s more to the luxurious lifestyle than fast cars. The city of Parma produces the famous cheeses and cooked meats that bear its name, Bologna has elegant theatres and restaurants, while Ravenna boasts incredible collections of early Christian mosaic artwork.


A region that conjures images of wonderful ocean, charming coastal towns and the odd lively volcano. The Amalfi Coast has vertical cliffs dropping into the sea, with homes, villages and towns clinging to impossibly steep slopes. The likes of Sorrento is teeming with little squares, alleyways and arches. And the island of Capri offers sunshine and relaxation by day, and something a bit more lively when the sun goes down.

Italy is a place of endless quality and beauty. And whether it’s scenery, architecture, food, music, art, or even football that takes your fancy, this country won’t disappoint.