The Italian Citizenship by Descent Program to relocate abroad

There is a way to obtain EU rights thanks to the fact that part of U.S. citizens are directly descents of Italians emigrated in U.S. in late 1800s - early 1900s

In 2020, both because of Covid-19 and U.S. elections with related fears on the future, a lot of U.S. citizens are looking for new opportunities abroad.

And there is a well known path to easily do that – for who’s is eligible: obtaining a Dual Citizenship from Italy, with joining the Italian Citizenship by Descent Program.

This is not certainly a news for (part of) American citizens, of for whose who asked themself if there is a way to obtain EU rights thanks to the fact they are directly descents of Italians emigrated in US in late 1800s – early 1900s.

But this year is a particular year –  according to International Bersani Law Firm as experts on Italian Citizenship Assistance – and demand increased esponentially.

We received a huge demands on how to obtain Italian Citizenship” – said Marco Bersani, founder of Bersani Law Firm – “as most of U.S. Citizens are looking for a Plan B and new life or business opportunities in Europe and Italy, in particular”.

What is the Italian Citizenship by Descent Program?

There are several way to obtain an Italian Passport according to the Italian Immigration Rules:

But the Italian Citizenship by Descent (also called “Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis”) is the only one who can allows a person to claim an Italian Passport without having particular obstacles, as it’s only a matter to demonstrate to have a clear and unbroken italian heritage.

When we talk about Italian Citizenship by Descent, we are refering to one of the oldest Italian Citizenship Programs, as it was set starting from 1865” – said Marco Bersani – “and it was some years later implemented just in order to save Italian Citizenship rights to all Italians who emigrated in US in early 1900. There are milions and milions of U.S. Citizens who are able to claim their Italian Citizenship rights just because they have italian grandparents, or great-grandparents or more in their family bloodline”.

How to get Italian Citizenship by Descent for a U.S. Citizen? Why American Citizens are so interested into claiming their Italian Citizenship Passport?

“This year the world faced – and still faces – really hard challenges: first at all, Covid19 pandemic. And United States in particular, according to recent datas, are one of the most affected Country. In the meanwhile, a lot of americans are facing huge sufferings because of that, and because of all political changes. So, they are looking to Europe as a “Plan B”, as opportunity. Applying for an Italian Pasport is an investment for themself and for their family members in a long-term view, and so they are looking for the easiest way to do that, avoiding thinking to moving in EU with a Schengen Visa. They can apply for their Italian Citizenship by Descent simply staying in their Country”.

How can an U.S. Citizen apply for an Italian Passport through his/her Italian Ancestry?

The “ordinary way” is to apply through the Italian Consulate, if the applicant is living abroad.

Or, in certain circumnstances, they can also apply through the Italian Court avoiding the application through the Consulate.

“But these ways have became really frustrating, mainly because of Italian Consulates which are not able to handle thousands of applications and/or they are not helpful on giving the right informations. That’s why it has become so trending to ask for Italian Citizenship Assistance by qualified italian citizenship lawyers in order to avoid these issues and speeding up the entire process.“

What are the benefits of applying for Italian Citizenship by Descent for an American Citizen?

“Before starting our Italian citizenship assistance, we always enlist to our Clients some of the key benefits  to consider: as said, this is an long term (for entire life) investment for the applicants, his/her family members, and all generations beyond”.

Main benefits are:

Full accesso to Education: free public education is available to children who reside in Italy.

Registration with National Health Service: citizens are totally covered by Italian National Healthcare System without paying anything else except for little fees for special treatments (Italian Healthcare System is almost free).

Become EU citizen: as an EU citizen, You can live and move all around EU with all benefits and EU rights.

Full civil and social rights: like the right to vote, to make jobs reserved only to Italians, enjoy politic life, enjoy benefits reserved only to Italians,etc.

Benefits for traveling and moving inside and outside EU.

Avoid any Covid19 issues related to Travel Bans: Italian Citizens can actually travel in/out Schenger zone without limitations, as EU Citizens.