Weekly Pinprick: New York, The American Dream Of Italians

We stand with New York, as New Yorkers did with us Italians.

View of the Empire State Building in New York

We stand with New York, as New Yorkers did with us Italians

I agree with what the Great Gatsby said on his way to New York:  “The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.”

There’s a building complex at the foot of Central Park that houses two buildings with glass facades, offering a stunning view: the most incredible observation point in town, a true compendium of architecture and natural beauty that takes your breath away. Then going upwards, to a height that seems to be taking you all the way to heaven. It is a wonderful sight. More than any other population, Americans have a sense of belonging and their identity is represented by their flag: both their father and mother. I have never seen people from any other nation getting so emotional as they watch their ‘Stars & Stripes’ billowing in the wind. Always ready to die for their country.

The city of New York is not easy to describe and its essence cannot be captured in a photograph. This city gushes forth from the pages of novelists, poets, of all those who have deposited their hopes in it and also their mourning when their dreams have been shattered. But even its difficulties, misery and marginalization have not driven them away. People continue to live there; never does it come to mind that one could have been as happy or successful in some other part of the world.

Continuing to struggle because New York is like a beautiful woman who has bewitched you forever. Fifth Avenue will always remain the cradle of dreams — the place where people from all over the world meet. It is a dream beyond all national borders, all religions, all social extractions or languages — a dream called freedom.

Translation by Vittoria Farallo

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