Weekly Pinprick: Entertainment As A Philosophy Of Life

We love entertainment as it offers us distractions and frivolity – but only gaining these benefits without paying any attention to quality.

We love entertainment but only without paying any attention to quality

Life means continuous growth. Without it, mankind would be quenched and hence clash up against the logics of boredom, inactivity and loneliness.  Our times are made up of logics that we have to face on a daily basis, where man’s attempt to base his life upon certainties is overcome by a culture that rejects all that arouses thoughts and considerations.

Life becomes the enemy of that type of reasoning that suggests following the path towards evolution and not involution. The modern conquest of the right of speech and opinion is not a duty. We are not obliged to answer questions beyond our capacity; we should not feel obliged to participate in social platforms on every subject, especially without having any knowledge, without any in-depth studies, without any whatsoever expertise regarding the topic in question.

Dialogue should prevail rather than outrage, offence or contempt against people we are not acquainted with. We are incapable of imposing silence upon ourselves when somebody’s story refers us back to situations that are difficult to evaluate. Our times are those in which we have conquered freedom but have lost our thoughts, discretion and common sense. We love entertainment as it offers us distractions and frivolity – but only gaining these benefits without paying any attention to quality.

Translation: Vittoria Farallo

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