Weekly Pinprick: Stiletto Heels

Italian women have a penchant for this accessory that resembles a podium to victoriously climb upon.

Stiletto Heels Italy

Italian women have a penchant for this accessory that resembles a podium to victoriously climb upon

Dark eyes, olive skin tone, long hair: Italian women bring to mind the aroma and flavor of Italian cuisine, of special wines produced in hillsides bathed in sunshine, of golden grapes, juicy citrus fruits and wholesome produce. A dish for connoisseurs, a wine glass for gourmands, a woman who doesn’t wear Chanel No. 5 but smells of noodles and tomato sauce.

This association with food and Italian products has no intention of being irreverent; its aim is not to be demeaning towards femininity. The beauty she possesses is one bearing many characteristics — not only the expression of a culture itself. Italian women have never surrendered their sensuality and above all they have never given up their stiletto heels, which are the symbol of female eroticism par excellence: sensual, erotic and seducing, with side effects capable of turning the brain to mush.

Italian women have a penchant for this accessory that resembles a podium to victoriously climb upon. High heels promote a hip-swaying stride, that lanky gait so dear to men, firming up leg muscles, providing suppleness to the body, expressing the will to feel free. Even when society evolution has induced people into choosing comfort by wearing sports shoes, a special corner of the shoe closet has nevertheless always been dedicated to these stiletto-heeled shoes.

Those 5” red shoes have been employed as “bait” for seduction, for obtaining wedding proposals, for winning over lovers, for gaining access to environments where beauty was a stepping-stone towards happiness and success. Men are attracted by swaying hips, well-sculpted buttocks, fleshy red lips promising a good time but not twisted thoughts. The femininity expressed by stiletto heels is a sort of challenge towards men and there is no greater gratification for a woman than to be admired and adored like a goddess. Red shoes spark emotions, with dresses fluttering imperceptibly and legs flexing tautly as in a dance.

This is when a woman flaunts herself, setting off the unthinkable. Audrey Hepburn might have been charming in her famous flats, but the most attractive way of walking is with high-heeled shoes as they give women sex-appeal (meaning value-added) and are so feminine that they never go out of style.

Translation by Vittoria Anna Farallo

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