Italy’s Public Image In London And New York: Social Media

In the age of social media, we are standing before a disheartening sort of solitude, a sort of virtual life that is gradually becoming a reality.

Social Media

Man has only conquered invisibility

Everyone connected, everyone disconnected. Our era is a “media circus” rebutting any whatsoever reference to the past. It has launched us towards an unpredictable (and probably deceitful) future, but one that satisfies that inexorable will to exceed the limits. Every generation devoted to destroying positive results from the past is convinced of its intentions to improve them.

Progress is unstoppable and we are now crushed under its weight. The universal longing for a better life has nothing to do with a crass pursuit of pleasure and personal gratification. Technology brought to an extreme, access to our privacy simply with the aim of being in the limelight of otherwise denied visibility; refusing anonymity leads us into becoming competitors, fighters, warriors who challenge their enemies. One can perceive the emergence of an obscure, arbitrary, unaware and irrational character. We believe we are immortal. And the problem of immortality brought to the paroxysmal level only goes towards condemning reason.

A myriad of photographs revealing one’s intimacy, the will to astound, to attract attention, to become the absolute protagonists of our day and age; with the belief of having come up with unprecedented and notions, imagining to be what we are not. Thumbs up to technology and the sort of progress that improves the quality of our lives — not the kind that annihilates it. Thumbs down to using our intelligence only for acquiring material riches and success — simply opening the door to money and consumerism as the only reason for living.

The most sensational discovery is that apparently God is not a religion for many, but money certainly is. Our way of understanding, or not understanding, the world and life derives from our feelings towards life itself and towards ourselves. We are standing before a disheartening sort of solitude, a sort of virtual life that is gradually becoming a reality. And man has only conquered invisibility.

Something that Thomas Stearns Eliot wrote in the “New York Post” in 1955 comes to my mind:  “Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.”

Translation by Vittoria Anna Farallo

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