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Who will be the Italian of the year 2019?

Who will be the Italian of the year 2019?

For the second year in a row, Italics Magazine will name an “Italian of the Year” on the basis of different criteria such as personal merits, social and political influence, and international impact. In 2018, the person in question was Sergio Marchionne who, before passing away last summer, made the headlines across the world for saving the giant car company Fiat Chrysler.

Unlike last year, in 2019 Italics Magazine readers will have the chance to cast their vote for one of the following candidates (in alphabetical order):

Andrea Camilleri: Famous Sicilian writer mostly known internationally for his character “Montalbano”. He passed away on last July 17.

Giuseppe Conte: The current Italian Prime Minister (second time in a row) leads the Democratic Party-Five Star Movement government coalition.

Liliana Segre: Life senator and Holocaust survivor, Liliana Segre pushed a motion to establish a commission fighting hate speech and racism.

Luca Parmitano: In 2019, Parmitano became the first Italian and the third European to command the International Space Station.

Luciano De Crescenzo: Famous Neapolitan writer, actor and director, De Crescenzo sold millions of books worldwide. He passed away on last July 18.

Marta Cartabia: Italian judge who, on last December 11, became the first woman to hold the office of President of the Constitutional Court.

Matteo Salvini: Leader of the League and former Interior Minister, Salvini brought his party up in the polls and won the European Elections.

Maurizio Cattelan: Worldwide famous Italian contemporary artist who caused controversy due to his Comedian artwork consiting of a banana held to a wall.

Roberto Mancini: Current head coach of the Italian national football team, he won all the matches of 2019 and qualified for Euro 2020.

Sardine Movement: A collective, nation-wide grassroots movement of citizens who demand to stop hate speech in Italian politics.

Sergio Costa: Current Italian Minister of the Environment, Costa inaugurated the first platic-free embassy in the world.

Polls are open until 23:59 of Sunday December 22. The winner will be announced on Monday!

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