Meeting Again In New York

Meeting Again in New York is Delfina Ducci’s latest novel, a book dedicated to the female universe.

Meeting Again In New York

Meeting Again in New York is Delfina Ducci’s latest novel, a book dedicated to the female universe

Ritrovarsi a New York (Meeting Again in New York) is the title of Delfina Ducci’s latest novel — a book dedicated to the female universe. Nina was also the leading character in her previous work, namely Vincere la Vita, which was set in London: an ode to freedom and the ability to take life into one’s own hands. Hence, page after page in Ritrovarsi a New York, this same modern heroine has the stamina for facing every setback — with all of her weaknesses, doubts and her innate dynamism.

As the manager of a fashion maison in Rome with a branch in New York, Nina finds herself pondering her past, with time that is quickly ticking by, as she dreads the onset of menopause just like all women who fear losing their femininity and becoming less than a woman. Nina is forty-five, but doesn’t look it; she’s divorced and has adopted a daughter. While in New York, Nina gains a new perspective regarding her body — realizing she’s still beautiful and attractive. She gets advice on how to seduce men by none other than the ghost of Marilyn Monroe.

Meeting Again In New York - Delfina Ducci
Delfina Ducci

The author of this book leads us into enjoying the magical atmosphere of the Big Apple, its lights that have witnessed the debut of some of the world’s greatest musicians, making New York a surreal city where anyone can turn into a legend. And so will the leading character. There are so many aspects to New York: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Scorsese, Coppola… The blinking neon signs of its night spots, its shop windows, the Jewish quarters described in Once Upon a Time in America, the films that built up America using bricks and mortar called imagination and love. People from all over the world stroll down Fifth Avenue as it is a dream beyond all national borders, all religions, all social extractions or languages — a dream called freedom…

Excerpts taken from the book:

“ Forty-five year old women possess the extraordinary essence of femininity. It is perhaps the most colossal moment where they can demonstrate being a true gift of love and experiencing it to the utmost…

“ A woman is beautiful and fascinating at all ages, as long as she is appreciated for other aspects other than her skin…

“ Max is close to me: there’s a building complex at the foot of Central Park that houses two buildings with glass facades, offering a stunning view… Max is happy for having offered me this thrilling experience… I hug him tight in sharing this moment… the words “my love” escape his lips… I’d rather die than get old. There’s no place for time that kills, love is only fond of love…

“ We can only say whether we’ve truly enjoyed happiness when we reach the end of our lives. It’s impossible to distinguish happiness when we are actually searching for it. We seem blind and in search of light, pressing on all the buttons while hoping to turn on at least one single light bulb…

“ …I can sense Marilyn as she squeezes my arm… there’s no greater pleasure for a woman than being admired, adored as if she were a goddess. Nina, try to upset men’s thoughts, try to torture their minds, destroy their narcissism and this will make you the most exclusive human being. Get their heads into a spin, throw the odd tantrum, come up with some folly and you’ll have hoards of men at your beck and call. Don’t ever appear any different from the woman of their dreams. Don’t follow my example as I made my way into their beds in the guise of a panther, only to be dismissed in a tearful and unhappy state…

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Meeting Again in New York
The cover of Meeting Again in New York

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