Italy’s New Government: Conte Releases Cabinet List

The prime minsiter will lead a more progressive coaltion between the Five Star Movement and the pro-EU Democratic Party.

Giuseppe Conte Italy Government
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Giuseppe Conte will swear tomorrow at 10 am

Giuseppe Conte will swear tomorrow September 5 at the Quirinale for his second government term. This time, the prime minsiter will lead a more progressive coaltion between the Five Star Movement and the pro-EU Democratic Party, as League leader Matteo Salvini cut himself off the executive by bringing down the government in August, aiming at early elections. The breakthrough came with the online vote of the Movement’s activists, who chose to confirm the formation of the new government with 80% of preferences.

The new cabinet will thus have 21 ministers, 10 from the Five Stars, 9 from the Dems, and 1 from the left-wing Liberi e Uguali.

Among the ministers, the Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio will quit the Ministry of Economic Affairs to be appointed Foreign Minister, while Democratic MEP and history teacher Roberto Gualiteri will be the Tresuary secretary in charge of carrying out the complicated budget law of this fall.

The list of ministers with portfolio:

Prime Minsiter: Giuseppe Conte — Lawyer, former Prime Minister with the yellow-green government coalition, he is considered an independent but within the Five Star Movement political area.

Undersecretary: Riccardo Fraccaro — Five Star Movement exponent, previously Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Fraccaro will be the political figure closest to Conte, as nobody will serve as Deputy Prime Minister.

Interior Minister: Luciana Lamorgese — The only technician in the list will replace Salvini, who used the charge as a way to consolidate his electoral support. Lamorgese is a lawyer, former security chief of Venice and expert in management of migration flows.

Economic Affairs: Roberto Gualtieri — Democratic Party co-founder and MEP, Roberto Gualtieri is a history professor of some renown in the European institutions for his role of Chair of European Parlaiment’s committee on economic and monetary affairs.

Foreign Minister. Luigi Di Maio — Di Maio is the Five Star Movement leader, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs and Labour. He was among those who were unconvinced of the new course, predictably losing power within his party and the new government.

Justice: Alfonso Bonafede — Five Star Movement exponent, he has been confirmed as Minister of Justice. He is a lawyer and, as minister, he signed the anti-corruption law.

Defense: Lorenzo Guerini — Guerini has been elected as Democratic Party MP in the past two legislatures. He is considered to be politically close to Matteo Renzi. He becomes Defense Minister, as he previously chaired the Parliamentary Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services.

Infrastructure & Transport: Paola De Micheli — De Micheli is a member of the Democratic Party and has been Undersecretary to the Council Presidency in the past legislature. From April 2019, she has been appointed Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Farming and Forest Policies: Teresa Bellanova — Trade unionist, Member of the Democratic Party and finally Senator, Bellanova supported the work of the resigning DP frontman Carlo Calenda in the ILVA controversy.

Culture and Tourism: Dario Franceschini — Dario Franceschini is one of the historic leaders of the Democratic Party and was already Minister for Culture and Tourism in the Renzi and Gentiloni governments.

Economic Development: Stefano Patuanelli — Five Star Movement leading figure and Senate majority leader, Patuanelli was a self-empolyed civil engineer.

Labour: Nunzia Catalfo — Five Star Movement Senator serving her second term, Catalfo was the first to sign the draft law for the Citizen’s income. Given the relevance of this issue for its electorate, the Movement managed to retain this key-ministry.

Environment: Sergio Costa — Sergio Costa is the Minister of the Environment confirmed by the Five Star Movement, which is also very sensitive about green issues such has renewable energies and environmental sustainability.

Education: Lorenzo Fioramonti — Professor of Political Economy at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and former parliamentary assistant, Fioramonti announced his candidacy with the Five Star Movement only in 2018, quickly becoming one of its major figures.

Health: Roberto Speranza — Roberto Speranza has a long political carrer and is the only government minister of Liberi e Uguali, the left-wing party which separated from the Democratic Party in 2017, in contrast to the then Party Secretary Matteo Renzi.

The list of ministers without portfolio:

European Affairs: Enzo Amendola — Democratic Party

Parliamentary Relations: Federico D’Incà — Five Star Movement

Public Administration: Fabiana Dadone — Five Star Movement

Regional Affairs: Francesco Boccia — Democratic Party

South: Giuseppe Provenzano — Democratic Party

Equal Opportunities: Elena Bonetti — Democratic Party

Technologic Innovation: Paola Pisano — Five Star Movement

Sports and Youth Policies: Vincenzo Spadafora — Five Star Movement

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