Planning Long-Term Travel? Don’t Forget These 4 Essentials

Long-term travel

These essential tips will help you when it comes to planning the big getaway

Most of our day-dreams when we are bored at work involve handing in our notice, packing our bags and heading off on one endless trip around the world. We see it as the ultimate boarding pass to happiness, with new places, new people and a string of new experiences ready to transform and enrich our lives.

More people than ever before are making that day-dream a reality, with remote working and the digital revolution allowing us to work from almost anywhere in the world. This, combined with the relatively low cost of plane tickets and the ease with which you can find and book accommodation, means long-term travel is a viable option for more and more people.

Long-term travel comes with the benefit of incredible upsides, of course, but it is not without its challenges. These essential tips will help you when it comes to planning the big getaway.

  1. Decide why you are travelling

It may sound a little deep and meaningful, but it is important to give some thought to the reasons why you are going away. What is it you want to achieve? Is your trip about new experiences, or achieving a particular goal? During the planning stage it is a great idea to sit down and write down what you want to get out of your trip. Once you write your plan down and set out your goals, not only will they be clearer in your mind when you come to make key decisions, but they are also much more likely to come off.

Long-term travel 2

  1. Pack carefully

Where do you begin when you come to pack for a trip that will be months or even years long? The first thing to do is to get the right bag, one that fits you and is comfortable to carry. Try and remember that you don’t need to take everything with you. For example, you will be able to buy most of your toiletries when you reach each of your destinations – after all, they will be too heavy to carry in your bag. Packing cubes are an excellent way to save space and allow you not to have to unpack everything when you just want a fresh t-shirt.

  1. Choose your accommodation wisely

When you are travelling long-term, accommodation will be your biggest expense. So, decide how you want to approach it, do you want to stay in hostels as you travel or try and use Airbnbs? If you plan on staying somewhere for a few months, it might be worth exploring short-term rentals which can prove to be cheaper.

Long-term travel 3

  1. Get your paperwork sorted before you leave

It is easy to get carried away with the thoughts of tropical destinations and exciting places to stay, but before you go anywhere, make sure you have all the paperwork taken care of. Having your stuff stolen is alarming and stressful, especially if you’re abroad. If you have got good travel insurance, they will advise you to report any theft to the local authorities within 24 hours of the incident. And they will also help you replace your stolen items even when you are overseas. If you don’t do your paperwork before you leave, you will be on your own.