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I know, learning Italian can be very, very hard. Is that because it has a very complex grammar, full of quite unused and unpronounceable tenses? Or is it because of its Latin-based vocabulary, with lots of different uses and shades of meaning? Neither. The time has come for someone to tell you the truth, that is: once you’ve finally learned the “right” Italian, you can basically forget it and start learning the multitude of dialects used still today. The other bitter truth is that you will never look like a native speaker until you start using different gestures for every single concept you want to express.

It’s a long way to the top

So yes, reaching a very good level could be more a matter of physical mobility, but you have to start somewhere. And if you are looking for a good linguistic method to do practice even in spare time, at the bus stop or before bed, Mondly is the app for you. Literally always at your fingertips, this app offers the unprecedented chance to learn a new language starting from your native one and not only from English. To taste its validity, I pretended to be an English native speaker attempting to learn Italian as a beginner, and here’s what I appreciate the most of their method.

Strenghts of this App

    • The learning programme is divided by topics, so that if you are particularly interested in some specific subject you can decide to go deeper into it.
    • You can choose to do the daily lessons, with a progressive level of difficulty: a reminder will exhort you to “do your job”
    • A voice recording system is included to practice pronunciation and participate to guided and plausible conversations
    • It is possible to see the ranking of other students learning the same language and their country of origin. (A bit of competition never hurts!)

mondlyA scientific method

This pleasant method is supported by a scientific basis. Indeed, I have noticed that basic steps of second language learning are taken into consideration and respected. The human brain, indeed, follows a specific sequence in learning a foreign language, and forcing it by teaching linguistic elements with a wrong temporality could be useless — or even damaging. For example, it would be absurd to teach the future tense before the present, or the passive form before the active one. The didactic approach must follow the natural course of learning, and so does Mondly. In this regard, it also offers the opportunity to monitor your progress.


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Albeit all these functions are available with the free version, the Premium option is obviously better, allowing users to learn 33 different languages and to unlock other contents. Currently, it is possible to get the upgrade for 3,99 euros per month (a really good price!) but you have the special opportunity to get a Premium Account for free through Italics Magazine.

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