The Tragedy Of Corinaldo Has Its Perfect Scapegoat

The Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta concert ended up with injured and deads. And he was blamed for it

The famous Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta concert was supposed to be a moment of fun for the fans at the club “Lanterna Azzurra” of Corinaldo, Marche region. However, it ended up in a tragedy difficult to believe. In a moment of confusion and panic after someone used a pepper spray, people found themselves in a chaotic stampede trying to reach the exit.

As unfortunately too often happens with these things, more than one hundred people have been injured and six have died. Five were minors, while the other victim, Eleonora, was a 39-years-old mother of four. She was concerned about the young age of her daughter, so she decided to be with her at her first concert. She could never have imagined what would happen quickly thereafter.

Not the first time

Although it is unclear whether the number of people was exceeding the maximum of spectators allowed, it appears clear that safety dispositions were inadequate. And this is not the first case of this kind. Last year, in Piazza San Carlo in Turin, in occasion of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus, a big screen was set up. Even then, someone used a pepper spray and panic broke out: people started running and many felt on the pieces of glass of the broken bottles. 1.527 were injured and a woman died after twelve days of agony in the hospital. The pepper spray is a tool easy to buy and its use has been reported during events many times for the purpose of damaging the event or committing thefts. However, this was the second time that someone used one at a Sfera Ebbasta concert.

Parents vs sons

After the tragic event, there have been debates on social media that mostly highlighted a intergenerational cleavage which periodically reappears. As no responsibles have been identified yet, many people — especially adults — started to blame Sfera Ebbasta for corrupting the souls of the children and, in particular, they lunged at the lyrics of his trap songs about drugs, alcohol and easy girls. Obviously, this simplifying approach doesn’t make sense, as such things might happen everywhere. Moralizing is hypocritical and dangerous, because it allows the fact of the matter to fade into the background. Also, the tones and the messages used by Sfera Ebbasta are not so different from those of some other singers in any previous generation and, more in general, there are not so many differences between emulation dynamics of the past and the ones of today.

Security first

The point, instead, is simply that these events should never take place when security is not guaranteed. This is crucial, as organizers have the duty of guaranteeing the safety of people — in this case minors — who want to have fun. Because, as the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said to the family of the victims “it is not possible to die this way”.