Cinepanettone: Netflix’s New Flagship Product For Italy

Netflix’s motto is ‘think global, act local’. This is precisely why they produced their first cinepanettone

By Luca Ceroni

On December 7, Netflix has made available on its online platform the movie ‘A Five Star Christmas’. Specifying that it does not directly refer to the almost namesake political movement led by Luigi Di Maio, the film is the first Italian ‘cinepanettone’ — the typical farcical B comedy released for the Christmas period — completely proposed as a Netflix original movie.

A brief introduction to Netflix

Netlifx, developed in the US, is the leading on-demand movie producer company, having reached a turnover of almost 12 billion dollars last year. Although the company does not usually publish its recording data from non-American countries, several estimates made by the Ernst & Young Foundation suggest the existence of a 800 thousand-subscribers-sized market in Italy.

However, one element that is really interesting to analyze is the strategy adopted by the American giant. Indeed, according to many sources, since its creation the company has always retained a strategic approach aimed to follow the so-called ‘glocal’ orientation. This market approach relies on the idea that a product is more likely to be sold if its content is successfully customized and adapted to the local culture of the place where it is offered. Not by chance, its motto is ‘think global, act local’. This is precisely why, in Italy, Netflix produced ‘A Five Star Christmas’.

How Netflix is approaching the Italian market

Despite the restrictive legislative decree recently approved by the Italian government, providing for platforms like Netflix to wait at least 15 weeks from the first projection in cinemas before uploading a movie, the US producer is still pushing a lot on our market. ‘A Five Star Christmas’ confirms this. Indeed, such a production reflects the clear strategic approach undertaken by Netflix, aimed at developing culturally tailor-made movies. And the fact that a globalized company like Netflix seems to deal successfully with the Italian historical cinema traditions must not be taken for granted. This entails the implementation of a number of extremely accurate market analyses, so as to detect and understand the specific peculiarities of each single national environment.

The main constraint

Although Netflix is moving smartly, the result of the game played against Italy’s film tradition is still not obvious. Indeed, Italians still love to get out from home and go to the movies with the family or friends. Despite all the benefits that people can get from using an online platform with a very wide set of customized choices — mostly in terms of variety and time watching — the amazing pleasure offered by the typical cinema format is still priceless.

Future perspectives

Given that the goal of Netflix is to reach a strategic position in the minds of customers, something that could be systematically linked to the satisfaction of a set of multiple needs and preferences in a customizable manner, the ‘cinepanettoni’ represent a further proof of the path being taken by the company.

Therefore, we must not be surprised if in the future many other movies which lead to the Italian format will be launched by the American on-demand movie producer. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.