Going Big Or Going Crazy? Royal Wedding Italian Style

Twenty million users watched live the social wedding of the year

It hasn’t even been few days since Chiara Ferragni, the most famous fashion influencer in the world, married the Italian rapper Fedez. Their wedding, publicy announced almost one year ago, has been eagerly awaited by their legions of fans all over the world.

In Italy there was an anticipation only comparable to that of the Brits at the eve of the royal wedding. Will the bride’s dress cost more than the average annual salary? How many gallons of champagne will be drunk? Will there be special party favors even for the guest dogs? I am pretty sure that questions like these have been tormenting the Italians for days. The result was 14 million views on the social accounts of the lady, compared to the “few” 6,2 million for the lord.

Going big

It is worth saying that even the day before the celebration had an incredible organization. A party before The Party, I would say, with nothing less than a private Alitalia flight moving guests from Milan to Sicily, where the event took place. The young couple spared no expense, enough to brand even the snacks served during the flight. In the meantime, ordinary mortals like me were following them on the social networks, especially on Instagram, where the couple and the invitees documented almost every moment of the two day session.

The Ferragnez, with Chiara mascot costume version

A super social wedding

And here comes the great success of our two smart and insightful millionaires. Indeed, they decided not to give an exclusive on their wedding to any magazine. On the contrary, they announced a “super-social wedding”, as Chiara Ferragni explained in an interview: “We like our guests to feel free to post on social media everything they want. For this reason, I turned down every proposal for an exclusive’. Said and done, every moment before, during and after the celebration were posted online by people attending their wedding.

… And a super social life

Nothing new under the sun, given that they are used to share with their fans almost all aspects of their private life. Even the new “royal baby”, Leone, seems to hold the record for having more appearances on social media than days of life. In this regard, Chiara Ferragni answered to those who criticized the two parents for this choice: “I post anything about my life, things that make me happy and that, in my opinion, could inspire other people. Obviously, I thought through carefully the opportunity to post pictures of Leone. However, Fedez and I grew up on social media, so it would be weird and incoherent not to share our life as parents”.

The birth of Leone shared on Instagram

20 million users following the wedding

This is their successful strategy, finally inducing 20 million users to spy on their wedding. Inquisitive as an army of Big Brothers, they could not wait to watch the most important day for the “Ferragnez”, and all its most private details.

The reason of this morbid obsession lies on the fact that they are the perfect example of a lifestyle potentially accessible to everyone, a modern fetish observable in the same habitat it was born and grown. And available for anybody. Once the barrier between real and virtual life is dissolved thanks to the continuous exposure of intimate details and private lives, watching the marriage vows on a screen is not that different from being a real guest. This mechanism represents a flattery for all of us, and this is what triggers the feeling of being privileged.

Be my guest

So, this is the exact opposite of the distance we feel when we see the real British royal wedding on TV: indeed, here we are equals, kind of like we are sitting next to their families. No matter we are actually wearing a cheap pyjamas or we have never even flown with Alitalia, much less with a private flight. Chiara Ferragni and her new husband know how to hold on to their fans, namely their money. Oops! Thought you did not give them a wedding present? Well, bad news.