Student Life: Enrollment And Top Universities For Foreigners In Italy

Did you know? Italy boasts some of the best colleges in Europe

Italy is more than just a tourist destination. More and more young people from all over the world indeed choose the Bel Paese to enroll and complete basic, master or doctoral studies, especially those who want to shine in the arts.

College applications and student visas

The first thing to know is that Italian cultural centers around the world are the best place to get detailed information about studying in Italy.

All the necessary documentation for enrollment must be translated into Italian and certified by the Hague Seal. Before having the entrance assessment in September, you are also required to take an Italian language examination at the local Embassy of Italy.

Each university registers a predetermined number of foreigners, so keep in mind that the admission list is closed. For this reason, it is very important to collect all the mandatory papers and be well prepared for the entrance exam.

For those who do not live in EU countries, the student visa is a precondition. To obtain a visa, it is required to hand over a photo, the passport, a proof of financial means to cover living expenses (4.000 euros in the bank account), a proof of apartment or student residence rental, and the filled out form received at the Italian Embassy.

Tuition fees and scholarships

One interesting thing when it comes to study in Italy, especially for people from developing countries, is that the amount of tuition fees depends on the financial situation of the student.

In fact, private universities also accept tuition reductions. For example, people who come from Serbia like me, have the right to this advantage. Thus, taxation varies between 1.000 and 3.000 euros per year.

Moreover, the Italian government offers several scholarships through its regional institutions, and all students who enroll in public faculties have the opportunity to apply.

If a student first matriculates to a college, he or she will need to submit a scolarship request before the registration. If a scholarship is granted on the basis of the specific economic situation, only a regional tax in the amount of 130 euros shall be paid. The current student scholarship is on average 4.500 euros.

University nightlife and not only that: Bologna

Having completed the practical framework, among the best Italian universities for foreign students we should first mention the University of Bologna. Famous for the internationally recognized Bologna Declaration and for being the world’s oldest university in continuous operation, this college is high on the list of foreign students due to the vibrant nightlife that the Emilian city has to offer.

The university has eleven departments and each faculty offers a large number of study programs, so the probability of not finding the desired subject is near zero.

On the official website of this renowned academic institution, you can spot a British flag behind every study program, whose lectures can be taken in English. The tuition for a year is 1.800 euros.

Via Zamboni, Bologna University Area

Excellence on the canals: Venice

The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice counts sixteen basic programs, three are of which are in English – Economics, Management, plus a special international program of Philosophy and Economics.

There are few other master programs in the language of Shakespeare – Banking, Economics, Marketing, IT, Languages, Chemistry, Ecology. The minimum tuition fee is 2.200 euros per year but, if the documentation is handed over in time, it may be lower.

The largest student center is the eternal city: Rome

In Rome there is the country’s largest university, La Sapienza, where having a certified knowledge of Italian is required to follow a course of study. To enroll here, it is therefore necessary to obtain the CELI certificate.

The only two bachelor degree programs in English are Bioinformatics and Nursing. Master students have more options, as they can choose between Economics, IT, Architecture, Fashion Arts, Biology, and all types of Engineering, including Robotics.

The yearly tuition fee can vary between 1.600 and 2.800 euros. Entries for enrollment are due in September.

Rome, view of Castel Sant’Angelo

Rome is also home to the John Cabot American University, whose faculties are mainly focused on social sciences. Tuition fees range from 17.000 to 25.000 euros per year, and the prices include accommodation and food.

The fashion center of Europe is also a student paradise: Milan

Studying in Italy at some of the best European universities, can also have the advantage of living within driving distance of the quaint Lake Como. Indeed, Milan boasts two private universities which are very popular among students from all over the world: Bocconi and Cattolica.

The annual tuition fee at Bocconi is 11.000 euros, but there is the possibility of applying for taxes reductions and scholarships. Here, students who want to graduate in Economics, Finance and Management will find a center of academic excellence. Lectures are held by world-renowned professors and students quickly become part of the business world already during the university years. Needless to say, many programs are conducted in English.

The Milan Cathedral

As regards Cattolica, the annual college tuition varies between 4.500 and 8.000 euros. This university located in the city center currently hosts about 45.000 students from over a hundred different countries.

For those oriented towards Engineering and Design programs, the Polytechnic University of Milan is a reference point. Basic studies are in Italian, while master programs are also available in English. The price for one year is 1.200 euros.

The state University of Milan provides English studies in Political Science, while the options for the Master’s Degree are more various, as you can pick one between Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Political Science.

In Milan, there is also the largest Italian private art academy – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti or NABA. Study groups are all related to visual arts, such as Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Multimedia Art, Fashion, Theater. The tuition fee for one academic year in elementary studies is 15.695 euros, whereas for master studies it is 16.090 euros.