Chicco’s No-World Cup Ad Calls For New Baby Boom

Have you seen this advertising?

A new Chicco’s advertising calling for a new baby boom in Italy despite the national football team non-participation in the World Cup, is causing an uproar on social media.

The children’s products brand commercial takes up the common belief that during the World Cup, especially those where Italy went on to win, there is always an increase in the birth rate.

“For the first time in sixty years, Italy is not taking part to the World Cup: a tragedy. However, the situation is different today, and the solution is obvious: let’s do another baby boom”, a voice-over says, while couples kiss in different scenarios, both at home and outdoor.

The public opinion is divided between those who consider the advertising too old-fashioned and best suited to past decades, when sex was exclusively linked to procreation. Other Twitter users indirectly criticize the state institutions, remarking that, under the current economic conditions, it is very difficult for young couples to start a family.

However, most comments are in defense of the advertising, seen as light and ironic. Truth to be told, Chicco’s advertising is not that different from a 2015 Danish spot called ‘Do it for Denmark‘, where a travel agency encouraged local couples to go on vacation to counter a dramatic fall in the birth rate.

In that case, the marketing guys seemed to get a lot right, as the following year Denmark saw an increse of 1200 in the number of children born.

Is it time to do it for Italy?