Italy’s Government: Agreement on Premier and Ministers Found

Giuseppe Conte could be Italy’s next Prime Minister.

The leaders of the Five Star Movement and of the Northern League, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, have closed the deal about the ministers of the next yellow-green government. Therefore, after more than two months of negotiations, the parliamentary representatives of both parties have been summoned this afternoon by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Giuseppe Conte next Prime Minister

After the meeting with the Head of State, Di Maio declared that Giuseppe Conte is the coalition’s pick as next Prime Minister. Born in Volturara Appula, in Apulia, Conte is a 54 years old jurist owner of a law firm and law professor at the University of Florence. He is well known in the legal sector for his several collaborations with academic journals and foreign universities. Conte is very close to the Five Star Movement, as Di Maio gave him the task to write the chapter on justice of his electoral program and appointed him as personal lawyer.

Di Maio and Salvini ready for office

According to the rumors, the two parties have also agreed on the other names of the executive. Both Di Maio and Salvini should be part of the new government. While the Five Star Movement leader is set to take the Ministry of Economic Development’s chair, Salvini could be addressing his pet subject, immigration, as new Minister of the Interior. Among the other indiscretions, the Ministry of Economy and Finance could also go to the Northern League, more specifically to Giancarlo Giorgetti, whereas Giampiero Massaro, former head of the Italian secret service, could become the next Minister of Foreign Affairs.