Eurovision 2018: Who is Representing Italy?

Will Italy finally rock it?

With a few hours to go before the Eurovision final in Lisbon, Italy wonders if this could finally be the year to shine with its energetic duo Ermal Meta-Fabrizio Moro.

The singing couple will perform the track ‘Non mi avete fatto niente‘, whose English translation is ‘You Did Not Do Anything To Me’. The lyrics are quite unusual for the general mood of the Eurovision contest, as they deal with the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the Middle East. Different affected cities such as London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona and Cairo are all cited in the song.

Ermal Meta, awarded Albanian-born songwriter for several Italian artists, and Fabrizio Moro, who became famous ten years ago with his number one hit ‘Pensa‘ (‘Think’), are representing Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, as in February the duet won the Sanremo Music Festival 2018.

Eurovision 2018

On Saturday night, 26 nations will take part to the final night in the Altice Arena, Lisbon. In the latest editions, Italy has come close to win the contest on several occasions. Especially last year, Francesco Gabbani was the front-runner with the popular dancing ape of ‘Occidentali’s karma‘, but was overcome by Portugal’s Salvador Sobral in the last few hours.

This year, Italy’s chances to win seem to be slimmer, but the power of the music, the relevance of the lyrics and the widespread love for the Italian language, could all be decisive surprise factors giving Italy an unexpected edge.