New European Toll Pass for Italy, France, Spain and Portugal

The new Telepass EU service will allow European drivers to pay tools and parking in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Good news for European travelers. With the new European toll pass system, it will be finally possible to drive between Italy, France, Spain and Portugal using the same device to pay the tolls in these four countries.

Telepass EU

The so-called Telepass EU, already launched by the Italian company Atlantia in seven countries for the trucks, will also allow all the registered vehicles to pay for parking in some of the most important cities of the covered nations, such as Rome, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Turin, Florence and Naples.

This opportunity stems from the agreement between the Italian company Telepass affiliated with Atlantia, the French group APRR/AREA and the Spanish group Pagatelia. Telepass EU will be a pay-per-use service, as the activation cost is 6 euros and additional 2,40 euros per month will be charged only if the registered vehicle crosses the border.

For Italian Telepass clients, it will be possible to activate the service in the ‘blue points’ on the highways, while new customers can activate the international device on the Telepass website, after signing the contract.

New toll system services to come

Giovanni Castellucci, CEO of Atlantia, declared that ‘finally, thanks to the agreement with our French and Spanish partners, we can extend the Telepass service for cars also to the countries with an important highway network such as France and Spain, as it already happens for heavy vehicles, for which we are the only ones in Europe capable of offering a cross-border toll service in seven different European countries. With this operation we expect further growth in the toll system services and the enhancement of our leadership position.’

Telepass has a total of 6,2 million customers in Italy and Europe. 400.000 are heavy vehicles registered with Italian devices, 140.000 of which disposing of the international service.