Fishing Tourism And Gastronomy in Italy

Monica Viva, lawyer and Alpaa/Pesca consultant, explains why innovations in fishing tourism are a new way to discover at low cost the most beautiful realities of the Italian Riviera.

The activities of both the recreational fishing and the fishing tourism sectors make an original and significant contribution to the valorization of Made in Italy tourism since 1977.

However, the intuitive leap by the cooperative organization Lega Pesca (Fishing League) and the first memorandum of understanding with the environmentalist association Legambiente and the organization promoting local food and traditional cooking Slow Food, lay the foundations for the diversification of fisheries employment, no longer confined to capturing, but now enlarged to food tourism.

A new way to live the sea

Indeed, this new way to live the sea allows the tourist to discover at low cost the most beautiful realities of the Italian Riviera, such as hidden coves, shores and not easily accessible streches of coastlines. This innovative and seductive form of eco-touristim taking place aboard fishing vessels, is also a new way to go on vacation, where you can discover the tradition and the culture of fishermen by appreciating their stories and wisdom about the sea.

In addition, fishing tourism is an experience of contact with nature and unknown worlds, without sacrificing high-quality food and sustainable travel. Finally, we should not forget that it is possible to have a first-hand fishing experience with the support of professional fishermen and to taste great fresh seafood caught on board, and in so living a true maritime experience.

Seafood and gastronomy

The seas adventure can be continued in the restructured houses of the maritime burgs, with services that range from overnight acommodation to restaurants, from the tasting to the purchase of typical local products, such as tuna, swordfish or bottarga.

There is a varied supply due to the high number and the different characteristics of Italian coasts, lagoons, lakes or rivers. The excursion can be brief or long, by night or day, with the lampara (the traditional fishing lights) or the fishing line methods. The costs vary according to the needs, but there is a little something for everyone, including scuba diving for sea bed lovers!