Italics Magazine is finally online!

Photo: Davide Ragusa, Unsplash.

Our Editor-In-Chief, Stefania Manservigi, explains why we set up a magazine producing complete, global and neutral information about Italy in English

Do we really need another online magazine? We asked ourselves this existential question when we decided to set up an editorial project and when we started to plan its first steps. Well, the answer was easy to find: yes, we do.

Because, as it is true that thousands of online newspapers and blogs open shop, proliferate and often get lost in the mists of the web trying to get the best rank in the search engines, it is equally true that, with our editorial project, we want to tell something that is lacking in the online journalistic landscape. We decided to target the curiosity of those who observe Italy from afar and that want to know more about it. Thus, we offer them an insight of what happens in the Belpaese.

That is where Italics Magazine comes in. Italy lacks an inside source producing complete, in-depth, global, international and neutral information in English. Italics Magazine was born from the awareness that there is far more to tell, than the usual reproduction of stereotypes that convey a fragmented image of the country.

We decided to turn to foreign readers, to those who love Italy all over the World and to the foreign press, with the aim to narrate what happens at the center of the Mediterranean. Consequently, we offer news and opinion articles about the Italian reality, focusing not only on the foremost political and economic issues, but also on sports and culture in a broad sense.

Moreover, we do have an advantage: we are present on the territory and we can collect stories first-hand, reporting them in English and making sure that Italy has the international dimension it deserves. Because the country that wakes up every morning has an infinite number of faces composing its magnificent, and often complex, defining mosaic.

Italy is not only amazing cuisine and works of art, but it is also touristic promotion, craftmanship, fashion, products and services. All this can be summarized in the universal expression ‘Made in Italy’. Italics Magazine wants to give visibility to the Italian brands by dedicating space on its website to our excellences that want to publicize and export their competencies, traditions and quality.

Because if Italy has been a country of the few for a very long time, we hope that with our help it can belong to everyone now.