Italian Opera Theater San Carlo of Naples

A Brief History of Italian Opera

Recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, Italian opera is a unique art form that combines music, singing, and drama since the 16th century.

Italy: The Essential Travel Guide

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Italy Inside Out

Italy from a different angle

Naples Nativity Scenes

Exploring Nativity Scenes in Naples

Far beyond a religious tradition, the presepe is an anthropological display that weaves together centuries of history, artistic research, and contemporary resonance.

In the heart of Naples, a unique Christmas decoration unfolds... Read More

Italian Citizenship Assistance

Our guest column for advice on Italian citizenship applications

Old woman sitting on a bench

The Woman Who Lives Below

A newspaper reported that an unknown woman from another century wandered casually and with elegance through Sarnano. A witness said she seemed to be an apparition.

The woman who lives in the apartment below arrives in... Read More


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